Historical Evidence:

Built by the zonal head of the Vijayanagara kings before hundreds of years


Lord Rama Ordered Sri hanuman to kill two Asuras namely Ragtha Bindu and Ragtha Rakshagan to destroy the penance. For this Lord Vishnu Offered his `Conch’and `Chakra’ and Goddess Sakthi Offered her `Thirusoolam’ Lord Brahma Offered `Bramakapalam’ Ruthuran Offered `Pasangusam’ and `Manthrashtakam’ lord Ramar Offred his bow and arrow and lord Krishna Offrerd `Sattai’ and Butter’ to sri Hanuman to kill the Demons. Sri Hanuman Shows all his powers with 10 Hands. Finally Lord siva Offered his `Nettrikan’ with this Skills Sri Hanuman Killed Those two Asuras and Danced with joy in this place. Hence this place is called `Ananthamangalam’ Anjeneyer has good face, 3 eyes. His 10 hands holds with counch (sangu), Chakram, Soolam, Kabalam, Mathatchagam, Pasamankusam, Bow, Arrow, Sattai, Navaneetham and has two feathers in both side.

Shrines :

Moolavar Vasudeva Perumal, Sri Devi, and Boodevi Nachiar
Uthasavar Rajagopala swamy, Rukmani and sathybama, Santhana Krishnan.
Goddess Sengamalavalli Thayar
Hanumar Moolavar Three Nethra Chadhurbuja Veera Anjaneyar,
Hanumar Uthsavar Three Nethra Dhasabuja Veera Anjaneyar